Why WordPress is the most popular CMS?

WordPress powers 43% of the world’s website. WordPress is considered as one of the best content management system (CMS) in today’s World. It has simplicity and free content management system with numerous features and ample customization possibilities. It can be used to develop any kind of website. Can be for a small business to a large enterprise. There are some Extraordinary features which make it standout are given below.

# WordPress is a worldwide platform-
WordPress dominates website’s world, It has much popularity because it has a standard dashboard makes it a universal platform that can be effectively used by anyone. It is very easy to understand overall.

# Enormous design option-
Another reason to consider using wordpress for your business website is the number of different themes out there. A wordpress theme will help change what your website look like and it’s great because you get to really put your brand and personality into the design and make it your own.

# Flexibility-
WordPress can as simple as you want it to be. You have the option to just use the basic version of the platform to publish blog posts. Or on the other side of the spectrum, you can use it for your business website and add widgets and plugins to add functionality. Nearly anything that you want to do with your website can be accomplished with WordPress.

# WordPress is open-source-
WordPress is also open-source, which means its creators have made the software’s source code freely available for others to change and adapt for other purposes, including commercial purposes.
This open-source nature has allowed a vast community of WordPress contributors to grow over the years. Their ultimate goal is to continually innovate WordPress through core software improvements and the development of software like themes and plugins.

# WordPress Is Built for SEO-
WordPress is already primed for search engine optimization (SEO). Plugins, however, can further enhance your site’s search engine chances. A popular choice is Yoast, which can analyze a new post’s SEO and help you improve the likelihood of better results from Google and other search engines. Yoast even has an extensive guide on its website, guiding you through the process of improving your entire WordPress site’s SEO.

# Conclusion-
WordPress is particularly awesome because it lets you control the security of your website. The popularity of this CMS brings with it lots of vulnerabilities and threats. But you can secure your content through the many options and extensive flexibility that WordPress has in store for you.

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